Searches for Nutra- and Pharma-ceuticals from Plants on the Basis of Metabolomics and Functionality Evaluation

Lifestyle-related illness could be aborted or relieved by oral intake of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, which are mainly derived from plants. In addition to our own technology of genetic engineering which promotes public confidence (see other subjects), the ability of plants has been improved by exposure to light-emitting diode (LED) and enrichment with the substances has been analyzed by Agilent 6510 Accurate Q-TOF LC-MS/MS and reversed-phase HPLC with photo diode-array (PDA) detector or with ESA CoulArray System (multi-channel electrochemical detection) (see below). The substances are also widely searched from herbs and other plants. They may further be subjected to extraction under subcritical conditions, for which devices have newly been made under projects of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan and others. The functionality of substances has been evaluated in aspects of prevention and relief of lifestyle-related illness using in vitro-cultured cells and several pathological-model rats and mice. Products to be commercialized soon are broccoli sprouts irradiated by LED and enriched with polyphenols (see below). Three patents have been applied for and papers for publication are being prepared.

Expected enrichment with nutra- and pharma-ceuticals by LED irradiation.

Broccoli sprouts irradiated by LED and enriched with polyphenols (a prototype).