• INTMSAlign is a software to assign consensus residues. In addition, correlation residues could be assigned manually utilizing function of “residue fixation” implemented in this software. This program could also be applied to design complete full consensus sequence of proteins by utilizing scripts which described in later section. This program is a derivative program of broadly used MSA program, CLUSTALW, and could calculate amino acid appearance rates for each of amino acid residues. Algorithm of the program was very simple; only performs MSA iteratively (from hundreds to thousands times, this could be set by users) by changing combination of primary sequences. The detailed algorithm was written in reference (1). In this manual, I’ll describe how to install and use the INTMSAlign.
  • INTMSAlign could work only in Linux system and not in Windows system because the software utilizes shell script in the process. In this manual, we postulated that you try to install the INTMSAlign in CentOS system.


Supporting System

  • Operating system: Linux (Not supporting Windows and Mac)
  • Script language: Python 2.x (Not Python 3.x)
  • Required library: Numpy, wxPython, Matplotlib