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Public Health Nutrition

  • account_circleOsamu KushidaPhD, RD, Asst Prof.
Practice-Based Nutrition Research: Identify factors related to eating habits to contribute public health nutrition activities.
Public health nutrition strategies are based on the findings of many studies examining the relationship between health and diet. The aim of the laboratory is to investigate environmental and psychosocial factors associated with people's eating habits in rural areas, elderly groups, occupational settings, and community people, and to advance nutrition practice.
1. Potential health implications of regional revitalization in rural areas.

The economic and nutritional conditions of rural areas in Japan are deteriorating due to the aging of the population. We have been studying frequency of eating local vegetables and nutrition status in rural Japan.

2. Implementation status of food environment improvement in local governments.

In order to clarify the factors necessary for promoting effective food environment improvement, we are researching the actual status of food environment improvement systems in restaurants and delicatessens in local governments.

3. Eating together and food production experience and associated health status

Eating together and experiencing agriculture, forestry, and fishery are listed as goals of shokuiku (food and nutrition education). However, there has been limited research on the effects of eating together and agricultural, forestry, and fishery experiences on health status, so we are examining the relationship between each shokuiku activity and health status.

Figure 1
Evidence useful for promoting Shokuiku by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Figure 2
Meeting during fieldwork in a rural area.
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