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Greetings from the Chairperson

Towards safe and sustainable living by solving environmental issues from a global perspective

In recent decades, the importance of environmental issues such as climate change and environmental pollution has become increasingly obvious. Developing an environmentally sustainable society requires individuals with a strong science background and a broad perspective on the environment.

The Graduate Program in Environmental Health Sciences consists of two courses, the Global, Regional, and Local Environments Course and the Environmental Life Sciences Course. The former course carries out research in the environmental sciences, studying chemical pollutants from the point of view of their origin, fate, environmental impacts, and human risks. The latter course carries out research on the effect of environmental factors on ecosystems, human health, and biological functions at the levels of organs, cells, and genes. Research is also carried out on applied microbiology for sustainable environment and food production.

In the Program, students acquire extensive knowledge of environmental sciences and develop effective communication skills. Each student is affiliated with a research group to conduct independent research and gain expertise in a specialized area. The Program offers coursework on several topics in the environmental health sciences, as well as monthly colloquia with invited speakers, and an annual seminar organized by students. We welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities pursing an advanced degree.
of the graduate program
in Environmental Health Sciences
Takashi Amagai
Prof & PhD