Graduate Program in Environmental Health Sciences

Atmospheric Environment

Development of highly sensitive and selective analysis of PAHs and their derivatives.

  • Takashi AmagaiPhD, Prof.
  • Kazushi NoroPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Environmental Bioengineering

Environmental Bioengineering

  • Kiyotaka HaraPhD, Assoc. Prof.
  • Hiroshi KikukawaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Physical Chemistry

Study on determination, synthesis, and toxicity of novel organic micropollutants in the environment.

  • Masakazu MakinoPhD, Prof.
  • Masahiro TokumuraPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Environmental Physiology

Plant and animal physiology in response to environmental signals.

  • Kentaro TamuraPhD, Assoc. Prof.
  • Shin-ichiro KarakiPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Plant & Environmental Sciences

Long-range transport of trace elements from the Asian continent

  • Akira TaniPhD, Prof.

Green Chemistry

Development of Environmental Polymeric Materials Based on Well-Defined Polymer Synthesis

  • Daisuke NagaiPhD, Assoc. Prof.
  • Shusuke OkamotoPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Environmental Microbiology

Developing new biotechnologies for environmental protection and sustainable development using microorganisms

  • Yukinori TaniPhD, Prof.
  • Kazuhiro UmezawaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Molecular Reproductive Biology

Molecular mechanisms in the sex determination pathway

  • Tohru KobayashiPhD, Prof.
  • Taijyun MyosyoPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Radiation Biology

Study on DNA damage and repair: toward prevention of aging and cancer

  • Yuko IbukiPhD, Prof.
  • Yukako KomakiPhD, Research Asst. Prof.

Functional Physiology

Elucidating the physiological significance of thermosensation

  • Kunitoshi UchidaPhD, Assoc. Prof.