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Organic Chemistry

  • account_circleMasahiro EgiPhD, Prof.
  • account_circleTakashi ShigetaPhD, Research Asst. Prof.
Phytochemical synthesis
Green and efficient synthesis of bioactive phytochemicals in food using our original methods
Phytochemicals are naturally plant-derived products, including polyphenols, carotenoids, and terpenes. These compounds play an important role in defense, protection, cell-to-cell signaling, and other adaptations. In recent years, phytochemicals have been shown to provide human health benefit. Our research group focuses on the organic synthesis of phytochemicals, which are useful for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases, and understanding of their inherent properties in plants.
1. Synthetic studies on phytochemicals using our original methods

Some of current target compounds are shown in Figure 1. Methods developed in our group are used to provide direct and rapid access to the complex core structures.

2. Development of environmentally benign transformations

We have developed environmentally benign transformations of allyl and propargyl alcohols via 1,3-transposition of their hydroxyl groups using combined catalyst systems. This methodology allows for successful transformations under mild conditions, which has never been achieved using each catalyst.

Figure 1
Some of our target compounds
Figure 2
Key concept for developing new organic reactions
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