Hironori Hondoh, Ph.D.
本同宏成 ほんどうひろのり

Associate Professor

Hironori Hondoh, PhD, is Assosiate professor in Food Physics, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Shizuoka, Japan. He recieved his M. Sc. degree in Physics, protein crystal growth, from Tohoku University, and PhD in Protein Crystalligraphy from Osaka University. He worked as a postdoc in the fields of Crystal Growth, Enzymology, and Starch Application. On 2010, he joind the facuty at Hiroshima Univerisity and started this career in Food Science. On 2019, he moved to University of Shizuoka, and he is the head of the laboratory of Food Physics.

M1 2人、B4 3人、助教、准教授の7人になりました April 2022
3年生3人が配属予定 予定テーマ 餅、アイスクリーム、音 October 2021
4年生3人が卒業研究開始 テーマ 澱粉、チョコレート、摩擦April 2021

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